Band Protocol Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025 BAND Realistic Future Forecast

This post was most recently updated on July 20th, 2020

From the last few months, one crypto that is making a big statement in the crypto world and also many of the experts says that this will be the competitor of Chainlink. This token is also displayed many times in the headline in the last few days. April 2020 is just a fabulous month for Band Protocol as they were continuously surging during this month. At the start of April, the price of Band was $0.289828 and by the end of the month, its price went to $0.875262 with a growth rate of 202%.

At the start of July 2020, this token crosses the mark of $1.10 and at the time of writing (20th July), this token is trading at $4.80 with the market cap of $98,274,538 USD. In the last seven days Band Protocol surged by 336% which is unbelievable work. All this data is referred from the coin market cap. In the last few weeks, this coin is continuously moving upward in the top crypto list. Now we will discuss more on Band Protocol Price prediction. 

What is Band Protocol?

Band Protocol is the platform that provides decentralized data oracle that will help to connect the real-world data with smart contracts. Band protocol works on the dual token economics i.e. they have a dual token for its functioning first token is the band itself and second is dataset token. Datasets tokens are specially designed for oracle or data providers to maintain quality and reliability. This data submitted by the users of Dataset token is further used for research purposes.

Band Protocol Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025 BAND Realistic Future Forecast

And if the data provided is correct then the user will get rewards for their data submission work. Decentralized oracle will play a vital role in the development of smart contracts and Band Protocol is providing this thing.

Band Protocol is backed by some of the injury experts like Sequola Capital and Binance. At this moment Band protocol is a 3 million funded project and most of their funding is done by Sequola Capital India. In very rare cases Sequola Capital funds any projects, in other words, they only back the highly potential projects. Apart from Sequola Capital, there is another company from China named as Dunamu & partners has given funding to this project.

Cryptocurrency NameBand Protocol
Market Cap$98,274,538 USD
Total Supply100,000,000 BAND
Max SupplyNA
Highest Market Price$4.80 USD
Lowest Market Price$0.204181 USD
Launch Date19 September 2019

Band Protocol Price Prediction 2020

Right from the start of 2020, Band protocol is showing a rising tendency, also they are looking much stable compared to other cryptos. In the first two weeks of March we have seen some ups and downs it the price graph of Band Protocol. But from the start of April 2020, this token is doing a fantastic job. At the start of April the price of this token was at $0.290010 and after one month i.e. on 2nd May the price was $1.25 and this was the all-time highest price for Band Protocol. During this period Band Protocol was surged by 330% which is considered as great for any crypto.

The reason behind the price growth of Band Protocol was due to the recent partnerships with some of the well-known companies. Now they are in partnership with Cosmos, Infstones, Atomic wallet, Airswap, bZx, Chorus, Kardiachain, Stakewith, HashQuark, Figment Network, CASTLENODE, We Staking, Forbole, B-harvest, Stake-fish, Kava, Fantom and many more. So after doing all the analysis the expert’s Band Protocol Price Prediction is indicating that it will cross $5 by the end of this year.

Month & YearBAND Price Prediction
May 2020$1.14 USD
June 2020$1.19 USD
July 2020$3.55 USD
August 2020$4.21 USD
September 2020$4.69 USD
October 2020$5.06 USD
November 2020$5.48 USD
December 2020$5.56 USD

Band Protocol Price Prediction 2021

If we look at the current market scenario, then we will see that along with Bitcoin and Ethereum many other cryptocurrencies started showing upward trends since the last few months. That means Bank Protocol has very high chances of future growth and as this token is based on ERC-20 so this thing will surely help them to grow. Also, the recently added partnership will give them stability in the upcoming time. Also in the upcoming years, Band Protocol is planning to launch the decentralized finance applications. As per the expert’s Band Protocol Price Prediction 2021 this token will reach $8 till the end of the year.

Month & YearBAND Price Prediction
January 2021$5.61 USD
February 2021$6.04 USD
March 2021$6.52 USD
April 2021$5.41 USD
May 2021$5.20 USD
June 2021$5.39 USD
July 2021$6.01 USD
August 2021$6.54 USD
September 2021$7.62 USD
October 2021$7.80 USD
November 2021$7.93 USD
December 2021$8.08 USD

Band Protocol Price Prediction 2025

The Band Protocol’s main focus is to build a platform where there will not be any permission required for accessing data. Also, there are varieties of dataset tokens for different topics and as per the requirement different communities choose different token, and then they will get reliable data. In the upcoming four-five year’s many smart contracts will be created on the blockchain platform. So there will be a requirement of the decentralized oracle that’s where Band Protocol will come in action. As per the Band Price Prediction 2025, this token will cross the mark of $5.

Band Protocol Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025 BAND Realistic Future Forecast
Credit: CoinMarketCap

Is Band Protocol a Good Investment Option?

Now it’s time to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of this token so that you will get a clear idea about this crypto. Many of the new investors need to pay attention here to understand this token in detail.

Pros of Band Protocol

  • Band Protocol has some features that make them different from all other cryptocurrencies. Also, they have a very young and talented team working on this project.
  • Recently they have added so many new partnerships with big companies that will help them to grow in the upcoming time.

Cons of Band Protocol

  • Chainlink is already well established and popular crypto available in the market with similar features as that of Band Protocol. And the best thing about Chainlink is that they have a big list of partnerships. So it’s hard for Band Protocol to grow faster.

Band Protocol Price Future Forecast

In the current scenario, many of the well-known projects depend on a very small number of trusted developers for providing crucial information. Now as Band Protocol providing all the required information securely so this will solve the problem of many projects that runs on blockchain. In simple words, Band Protocol is going to solve the current issues and will provide better solutions for users.

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There are few things that Band Protocol needs to focus on if they want to do better than Chainlink. First thing is that they will have to increase the partnerships with some big companies for getting a boost. Also, they will have to update their platform regularly. According to the experts, this token has potential but it’s not a very good choice for long term investment. But as we all know the crypto market is completely volatile and it’s really difficult to predict the price of any of the crypto.

YearPrice Prediction
2020$5.56 USD
2021$8.08 USD
2022$10.75 USD
2023$13.51 USD
2024$14.10 USD
2025$18.89 USD

Where and How to Buy Band Protocol?

Band protocol is now available for exchange on many popular platforms like Binance so you can purchase it from these platforms. We all know Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the crypto world.

  • Binance
  • Bilaxy
  • Bitsonic
  • eToro
  • bitFlyer

Where to Store Band Protocol?

There are plenty of options available in the crypto market to store your Ban Protocol token, but we have to consider the security before choosing the right wallet. Here we have listed a few of the trusted and top-rated wallet options now it depends on you which one you choose.

  • Trust Wallet
  • ImToken
  • MyEtherWallet
  • MetaMask

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