Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, Future Forecast

What is Egretia (EGT)?

Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction: Egretia is a cryptocurrency token which was launched in July 2018 on Ethereum platform. Basically, Egretia is working together with Egret Technology which is well known for providing HTML5 technology service all over the world. Egretia is now making a combination of blockchain and HTML5 technology and creating the world’s first HTML blockchain platform. By doing this they are bringing 1 billion mobile devices and 200000 Egret technology’s developers in the blockchain world, along with this the platform has practical and extensive benefits.

Right now HTML5 technology is identified all over the world for a cross-platform solution. This technology used for internet, video, mobile games, advertising and in many more industries, having a market size of hundreds of billion dollars.

Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, Future Forecast
Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, Future Forecast

Egretia (EGT) Wiki

Cryptocurrency Egretia
Symbol EGT
Total Supply 8,000,000,000 EGT
Max Supply NA
Market Cap $105,010,985 USD
Highest Market Price $0.026600 USD
Lowest Market Price $0.000278 USD
Launch Date 3rd July 2018

Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2019

If we consider the journey of this token so far then we will see that this token was launched at the wrong time. All these we are saying because at the time of launch the crypto market was going through a crisis. The results of this came just within a few weeks as it started showing downward trends in the market. Next six-seven months was very challenging for this token as it was not showing any signs of growth.

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Then after that, this token slowly started showing upward trends and from then onwards this token is continuously performing well. May 2019, was just fantastic from EGT’s point of view as this token was growing at a very faster rate and recently in June 2019 this token reached to its all-time market price of $0.026600 USD on 21st June 2019. After considering all these things the upcoming few months will be very much important for EGT. As its prices will surely go up but it’s interesting to see how it will maintain their price.

Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2019

Month & Year EGT Price Prediction
July 2019 $0.03094 USD
August 2019 $0.02637 USD
September 2019 $0.03312 USD
October 2019 $0.03829 USD
November 2019 $0.03149 USD
December 2019 $0.02618 USD

Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2020

The last few months have been very good for EGT as it is continuously showing uptrend since last few months. So we believe that this token will be much popular in the upcoming time. Also, many experts are giving a positive response to their growth so EGT will be good for future investment.

At the time of writing this article, the value of EGT is $0.023995 USD and if you invest at least $100 in EGT at this moment you will get 3872.127EGT. So definitely you will get good returns for short term investment.  

Egretia (EGT) Price Prediction 2020

Month & Year EGT Price Prediction
January 2020 $0.02168 USD
February 2020 $0.02519 USD
March 2020 $0.02894 USD
April 2020 $0.03162 USD
May 2020 $0.03610 USD
June 2020 $0.03897 USD
July 2020 $0.04102 USD
August 2020 $0.04612 USD
September 2020 $0.04492 USD
October 2020 $0.03920 USD
November 2020 $0.03512 USD
December 2020 $0.02918 USD

Egretia (EGT) Future Forecast

If you are looking for a profitable virtual cryptocurrency that can give you good returns then EGT is a better option for investment. But this is comparatively not good for long term investment, most likely above one-year duration. That doesn’t mean it’s bad for long term investment but it will not give you much profit for long term investment. So if you are looking for short term investment option then this will be the best option for you and we will suggest you, go for it.

In recent time CryptoKitties became much popular and this is a blockchain game, so Ethereum is also looking to launch their blockchain along with HTML5 technology.

Egretia (EGT) Future Forecast

Year EGT Price Prediction
2019 $0.032052 USD
2020 $0.041284 USD
2021 $0.048721 USD
2022 $0.051272 USD
2023 $0.039127 USD
2024 $0.035829 USD
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