Hive Price Prediction 2020, 2021 2025 Realistic Future Forecast

Right now everyone in the crypto world is only talking about Hive coin and it is because it was launched just a month ago and within a month this crypto reached the list of top 50 cryptocurrencies. We must tell you that Hive is hard fork from the Steem blockchain this is another reason behind their surge. At the time of writing this coin is in the 48th position on the coin market cap also it has a 60% ROI. 

You may have some questions in your mind related to Hive Price Prediction or is it a good investment option. So here we are going to all the detailed information related to this crypto so after reading this article you will not have any kind of question-related to Hive.   

What is Hive?

Hive is one of the biggest blockchain-based blogging and social networking platform which is recently hard forked from the Steem. So now there are two different platforms one is existing Steem blockchain and the second is Hive blockchain. On this Hive blockchain platform, you can post your content and you can get cryptocurrency rewards for that. Hive platform becomes very popular in a very short time and now it is well known for its speed and scalability. Also, they are planning to launch a Token for Smart media integration.

Hive is very much similar to the Steem platform as many of the community members of Steem is now part of Hive after this hard fork. At this moment Hive has the lowest entry barrier for user adoption in the crypto market. Hive platform is very much suitable for the many innovative projects like open source development and social games that focus on a wide range of fields. The main objective of this platform is to become the most favored blockchain platform for Decentralized apps development in the crypto market.   

Cryptocurrency NameHive
Market Cap$117,182,218 USD
Total Supply368,514,513 HIVE
Max SupplyNA
Highest Market Price$0.987244 USD
Lowest Market Price$0.086943 USD
Launch Date20 March 2020

Hive Price Prediction 2020

Initially, Hive was available only on the Bittrex platform for exchange. Just before a few days ago, Hive was listed on Huobi exchange and we have seen a surge in hive prices. On 24th April the price of Hive was $0.225136 and just within 48 hours its prices reached 0.841126 with a growth rate of 274%. Also in a very short time, this token has reached the list of top 50 cryptos and this is a big achievement for Hive. After the hard fork, every Steem token holder will get the same number of Hive tokens that they have previously so there is need to worry for the Steem token holders.

Hive Price Prediction 2020, 2021 2025 Realistic Future Forecast
Hive Price Prediction 2020, 2021 2025 Realistic Future Forecast

At this moment even though Hive is only listed only on two exchange platforms, Huobi exchange and Bittrex still are doing exceptionally well. As per the reports in the upcoming time Hive will be available on the Binance platform for exchange. And we all know that Binance is one of the world’s biggest exchange platforms so there is no doubt that Hive will get a huge response after this listing. So before it gets listed on the Binance you can invest in it because after the Binance listing its prices will be on the moon for at least a few months. As per our Hive Price Prediction 2020, this token will reach the mark of $1.

Month & YearHIVE Price Prediction
May 2020$0.490 USD
June 2020$0.517 USD
July 2020$0.531 USD
August 2020$0.594 USD
September 2020$0.683 USD
October 2020$0.749 USD
November 2020$0.879 USD
December 2020$0.981 USD

Hive Price Prediction 2021

As we all know after the hard fork the Steam token holder has got the same amount of Hive tokens. But now many of the Steam token holders are trying to move to the new Hive blockchain platform. So they have started staking their token but on Steem platform if anyone stakes their token then it gets block for 13 weeks and then afterward it will appear in your wallet. So in the upcoming time, we will see a big drop in the prices of Steem prices and hike in the Hive prices.

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After considering the growth of the hive in the last few weeks it is expected that this token will cross $1 till the end of 2020. And as per the Hive price prediction 2021 this coin will get a good response in the market and will reach the mark of $3. Also, there is a chance that Hive will get a big spike in the first quarter of 2021.

Hive Price Prediction 2025

After the fork, all the previous content that was posted on Steemit will directly be posted on individual account holders at the Hive platform. There will not be any change in the ranking, like and comments of the post-everything will be the same as previous. But from now onwards both Steem and Hive are going to work independently. So if any of the users want to post something then he needs to post separately on both the platforms. The advantage of this platform is that they have highly experienced developers who were previously working on Steem blockchain and will work on Hive.

Justin Sun the new owner of Steem will try to make that platform much better than that was used to be in the past. So Hive will get tough competition from the Steem in the upcoming years. According to our expert’s Hive price prediction, there is a chance that it will cross $7 mark.

Month & YearHIVE Price Prediction
January 2025$5.98 USD
February 2025$6.13 USD
March 2025$6.48 USD
April 2025$7.20 USD
May 2025$6.91 USD
June 2025$6.34 USD
July 2025$5.89 USD
August 2025$5.10 USD
September 2025$5.42 USD
October 2025$6.29 USD
November 2025$6.91 USD
December 2025$7.32 USD

Is Hive a Good Investment Option?

After going through all the detailed information and analysis we come to know that Hive could be a good option for those who are interested in short term investment. But we are not sure that it will give good returns for long term investment. After going through the pros and cons of Hive all these doubts will get clear.

Pros of Hive

  • The transaction speed of the Hive platform is very less and as per their official website its lesser than 3 seconds.
  • As Hive is hard forked from the Steem platform so already they are tested by hundreds of projects, apps, and communities all over the world for around 4 years.
  • One of the features which make them different from all other blockchains is that they have bandwidth and storage system.
  • Hive has highly experienced developers and blog producers.

Cons of Hive

  • Now the main competitor of Hive will be Steem which is owned by Justin Sun and he is very experienced in this field. Justin already owns 3 cryptos and all of them are in the top 100. So he will try to make Steem the best platform.
  • Also, there are already many cryptos available in the market that provides similar features. And as they are new in the market they have to make a lot of marketing and collaborations to get investors.

Hive Price Future Forecast

In mid of February, Net Scott the co-founder of Steemit sold the pre-mined 65 million steam token (owned by the community) and Steemit platform to the founder of Tron, Justin Sun. These token were around 18-19% of the total Steem tokens. Scott took this decision without any discussing these things with the community members. So this was a shocking thing to the Steem community and once this news was leaked then suddenly the price of Steem started dropping. Then community members of Steem introduce the soft fork (which is nothing but the software update) to freeze the tokens of Justin Sun till further discussion.

Hive Price Prediction 2020, 2021 2025 Realistic Future Forecast
Source:- CoinMarketCap

But Justin Son somehow created another soft fork with the help of some centralized exchange platforms like Huobi and Bittrex and unfreezes his tokens. Finally, the top blog producers of the Steem community and Justin Sun have decided to solve this issue in a personal meeting. After the meeting, it is decided that the Steem blockchain will get divided into two parts. Where Steem community will get forked to HIVE and existing Steem blockchain will be own by Justin Sun

Where to Buy Hive?

At this moment as Hive is very new in the crypto market it is not listed on many exchange platforms. But looking at their performance in one month we can say that in the upcoming time Hive will get listed on many other platforms.

  • Binance Exchange
  • Huobi Global
  • Bittrex Exchange
  • MXC
  • ProBit
  • WazirX
  • Hotbit

Where to Store Hive?

There are some hardware wallets options available that will support Hive token to store in their wallet. Sometimes it’s better to store your crypto in the hardware as it may prevent it from the fraud or thief.  

  • Ledger
  • Trezor

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