QTUM Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, Future Forecast

QTUM Price Prediction 2019, 2020, Future Forecast

All about QTUM

QTUM Price Prediction: QTUM is the Singapore based cryptocurrency blockchain project which is led by the Qtum foundation. This coin was developed by Patrick Dai and Jordan Earls, which was launched in May 2017 in the market. Basically, Qtum platform was developed to be used by businesses to perform a variety of tasks. By using this platform users can develop smart contracts and dApps on a huge scale. All this is done by combining the bets of Ethereum and Bitcoin which are considered as the world’s largest cryptocurrencies.

QTU is a platform developed by combining Ethereum and Bitcoin which is having the potential of solving problems faced by Ethereum and Bitcoin. After combining this QTUM are willing to provide millions of transactions quick and efficient compared to others. QTUM Price Prediction. At this moment Qtum X86 is one of the most advanced virtual machines in the market, by using this virtual machine developer can design decentralized applications by using a variety of languages like C++, C#, python and many more.


Cryptocurrency Qtum
Symbol QTUM
Total Supply 101,572,612 QTUM
Max Supply 107,822,406 QTUM
Market Cap $544,769,865 USD
Highest Market Price $106.88 USD
Lowest Market Price $1.48 USD
Launch Date 24th May 2017

QTUM Price Prediction 2019

If we consider the performance of QTUM right from the start of 2019, then we will see that this coin is showing steady performance for the last six months. But from the last quarter of June 2019, suddenly the graph is showing upward string which indicates that it started showing signs for future growth. On 20th June 2019, its price was $3.53 USD which was increased by 52.12% and reached to $5.37 USD.

QTUM Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, Future Forecast
QTUM Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, Future Forecast

Maybe, this is not as much bigger growth which was seen in January 2018, but after a long time, it started showing signs of future growth. So hopefully this growth will continue for the last few months of this year and after that also.

QTUM Price Prediction 2019

Month & Year QTUM Price Prediction
July 2019 $5.23 USD
August 2019 $7.73 USD
September 2019 $6.31 USD
October 2019 $9.57 USD
November 2019 $8.98 USD
December 2019 $9.28 USD

QTUM Price Prediction 2020

Even though we have seen some downward trend and sudden rise in recent time, the price of QTUM has considerably maintained stable graph for the last six months despite the market crash. But this platform has successfully gained the trust of investors and traders which can be seen from its growth in the recent.

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According to the experts holding QTUM long term will give good returns, also it is said that in the upcoming few months the demand for this coin will go high. So if you are interested and looking for an investment option then this is a good option.

QTUM Price Prediction 2020

Month & Year QTUM Price Prediction
January 2020 $10.63 USD
February 2020 $11.27 USD
March 2020 $11.94 USD
April 2020 $12.47 USD
May 2020 $13.01 USD
June 2020 $13.68 USD
July 2020 $12.98 USD
August 2020 $13.28 USD
September 2020 $13.63 USD
October 2020 $12.18 USD
November 2020 $11.72 USD
December 2020 $11.12 USD

QTUM Future Forecast

Recently QTUM has started a partnership with PundiX which is one of the top-rated cryptocurrency in the market. Also, they have launched QYUM X86 which is the most advanced virtual machine, developers can use this platform for decentralizing app development. This will surely help to enter the limelight; also it will grab the attention of investors and traders. Qtum has also added many new technologically advanced features and also working on many other projects which will get announced very soon.

According to the experts, QTUM is a good option for the long term as well as for short term investment, you will get good returns on your investment. But we will suggest you go through the roadmap of this coin before investing your money; it will help to understand many new things about this coin.

QTUM Future Forecast

Year QTUM Price Prediction
2019 $8.38 USD
2020 $10.27 USD
2021 $12.47 USD
2022 $15.72 USD
2023 $17.31 USD
2024 $19.92 USD
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