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Revain (R) Price Prediction 2019, 2020, Revain Future Forecast


Revain (R) Price Prediction 2019

Revain (R) Price Prediction 2019 :Revain coin was launched in November 2017, which was based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Basically it provides the platform to the users to write a review and all the reviews posted on this platform are which will be unable to change. The reviews submitted to this platform will not be edited or changed or even cannot be deleted.

The reviews submitted here will go through the quality test and after that this reviews are posted. IBM’s Natural Understanding systems technology is used for this purpose. Revain (R) Price Prediction 2019. Not only this helps Revain to maintain their quality in the market but also it removes the fake reviews so that only trustworthy reviews will get displayed.

From last few months R coin is continuously growing and getting popular day by day among the investors. Its market price is also raising it helps to get higher rank in the all the cryprocurrency. At current scenario Revain coin holds the 51th position out of 2010 coins availed in market. But we would recommend you, before investing in this coin don’t look at just ranking of this coin you should go through its growth rate from last few months.

Revain (R) Price Prediction 2019

Month & Year Revain (R) Price Prediction
February 2019 $0.1428
March 2019 $0.1292
April 2019 $0.1129
May 2019 $0.1034
June 2019 $0.1140
July 2019 $0.1046
August 2019 $0.951
September 2019 $0.1058
October 2019 $0.1164
November 2019 $0.1269
December 2019 $0.1075

Revain (R) Price Prediction 2020

First four months from the launch of this coin was superb, as this coin was trending in the market. Not only Revain getting new investors but also their market price and overall ranking were increasing very rapidly. During this period of time this coin reached to its highest market price of $3.40, which was initially launched at price of $0.087. The first four months was golden period for Revain which was got finished dramatically.

In last few weeks of February 2018, this coin starts crashing and it was huge crises in its price, from then on wards to till date this coin is fighting to get their previous market value since then. Revain (R) Price Prediction 2020. During these 10 months of period the growth rate of Revain was completely decline. From last 15-20 days this coin is once again started growing which is resulting is raising in its market price. 

Revain (R) Price Prediction 2020

Month & Year Revain (R) Price Prediction
January 2020 $0.1379
February 2020 $0.1288
March 2020 $0.1397
April 2020 $0.1206
May 2020 $0.1114
June 2020 $0.1027
July 2020 $0.1136
August 2020 $0.1041
September 2020 $0.949
October 2020 $0.1057
November 2020 $0.1165
December 2020 $0.1172

Revain (R) Price Prediction 2021

Last year when all the crypto currencies are going down and Revain shows some promising growth which was remarkable. The main reason behind the growth of this coin is that, the people who wants to write the genuine reviews are started using Reain platform to write the reviews about the exchanges and Crypto Coins. Revain (R) Price Prediction 2021. Also where people are looking for honest reviews they started referring reviews on ongoing projects like ICO.

Initially ICO project was just an idea for this coin, but then not only they successfully made this project but also they made it real product. If we look at the company’s journey do far, they have completed almost every promise they made to their investors. Even though R coin has achieved all these things they have still lot more to achieve in upcoming years.

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Also looking at the performance this coin has not dropped below $0.1 from the launch, also its price is not much fluctuating consciously. Revain (R) Price Prediction 2021. This indicated that this coin is providing satisfying support to its investors.

Revain (R) Price Prediction 2021

Month & Year Revain (R) Price Prediction
January 2021 $0.1279
February 2021 $0.1288
March 2021 $0.1294
April 2021 $0.1301
May 2021 $0.1369
June 2021 $0.1214
July 2021 $0.1289
August 2021 $0.1327
September 2021 $0.1231
October 2021 $0.1268
November 2021 $0.1143
December 2021 $0.1250

Revain (R) Future Forecast

If you are interested to invest in Revain you should look at the R coin’s roadmap so that you will get little idea about the future of this coin. This coin will be good if you are looking for long term investment. Also even if there is ups and downs in the crypto market people are looking for honest reviews.  So this coin is having promising future so you can consider this coin for investment.

As Bitcoin cash and Revain are interconnected to each other, the variation in price of BCH makes influence on price of R coin. Revain (R) Future Forecast. But it’s not the case all the time, sometimes BCH price drop may not affect the price of R coin. As per the experts the upcoming few months will be very much important as per as the future of this coin is considered. And hopefully Revain will start growing as earlier very soon.

 Revain (R) Future Forecast

1-Year Forecast 0.75
3-Year Forecast 2.50
5-Year Forecast 4.12

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