Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, TFUEL Future Forecast

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, TFuel Realistic Future Forecast

This post was most recently updated on May 26th, 2020

If we look at the recent performance of Theta network then we will come to know that this platform is going through a golden period. At this moment everything is falling in their favor and its prices surged by almost 8x in the last two weeks. The main reason behind the growth of this network is the launch of Theta Maineet 2.0 which is going to be released on 27th May 2020. In this Maineet update two-layer consensus mechanisms along with guardian nodes are going to be added in this platform.

Just before the last two weeks Theta Fuel was at 96th position in the coin market cap and now it’s at 81st position.  On 12th May Tfuel price was $0.001847 and within two weeks it surged by more than 825% and now at the time of writing (25th May 2020) its price is $0.017141.

What is Theta Fuel?

Theta Fuel is another token of the Theta Network which is also considered as a Gas token of Theta token. In simple words we can say that Theta Fuel is the native token on the Theta Blockchain. Now as we all know on Theta platform user gates rewards for sharing their unutilized bandwidth with nearby users. Also, the user gets rewards for watching the live stream on their partner network like,, Samsung VR, and GFuel. These rewards are in the form of Theta Fuel Token and these token can be used to unlock premium content on their partner network.

Also these tokens can be used to purchase gifts and to make donations to your favorite content creator. Beyond this you can exchange them on some exchange platforms and earn money through this. And that’s the reason this token is also known as an operational token. Binance, which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto market has also announced that they are going to support to distribution of TFUEL.

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, TFUEL Future Forecast
Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2019, 2020, 2020, TFUEL Future Forecast

Before the first Theta Maineet which was happened in March 2019 Theta Network has only one token and that is Theta Token. Also this platform was initially built on Ethereum blockchain but Theta network decided to launch its own blockchain. So they introduced Theta blockchain during the Theta Maineet update and the platform is shifted from Ethereum blockchain. At that time the CEO of Theta Network decided to launch one token (Theta Fuel) at this Maineet event. After the Theta Maineet update, every Theta token holder gets Tfuel token as a reward in the ratio of 1:5, which means if someone holds one Theta token before Maineet then he will have 1 Theta token and additionally 5 Theta fuel token.

Cryptocurrency NameTheta Fuel
Market Cap$65,574,482 USD
Total Supply5,000,000,000 TFUEL
Max SupplyNA
Highest Market Price$0.025061 USD
Lowest Market Price$0.000889 USD
Launch DateMarch 2019

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2020

Right from the start of May 2019 Theta Fuel prices started dropping and till the start of May 2020 this process was continued. In the second week of March 2020 both the tokens of Theta network fall to an extreme level and registered their all-time low prices. But as the Theta Network announces that their Theta Maineet is going to be launch on 27th May both the tokens of theta network started showing rising tendency. In the last few days Theta token has gained 60% while the Theta Fuel has gone up by 300%. A few months ago Theta Fuel was at 96th position in the Coin Market list and now suddenly they have reached the 77th position.

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, TFuel Realistic Future Forecast

Theta Maineet 2.0 update which is going to launch on 27th May 2020, is the main reason behind this big surge. Even though Theta Fuel prices are continuously dropping from the last one year but for now it’s showing upwards trends. Looking at the price graph of TFule it is very difficult to do TFuel Price Prediction. But the future price of Theta network is completely dependent on the adaptation from the public. As per our expert’s analysis by the end of this year, 2020 Theta Fuel prices will reach $0.021 USD

Month & YearTFuel Price Prediction
June 2020$0.018 USD
July 2020$0.020 USD
August 2020$0.019 USD
September 2020$0.016 USD
October 2020$0.018USD
November 2020$0.020 USD
December 2020$0.021 USD

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2021

Theta blockchain’s new esports video streaming platform i.e. will be now available on some of the limited content providers like Samsung Daily app. Along with this it will be featuring on YouTube Netflix and few other Streaming networks. Also Theta has signed partnerships with some of the top brands like Samsung and Gfuel. So from now onwards will also be directly installed in selected models of Samsung phones. This will help them to reach more audiences and users will get rewards in terms of Theta Fuel token. All these things will surely help them to enter the mainstream and become top crypto in the market. As per our analysis TFuel Price Prediction 2021 this toke will cross $0.03 mark till the end of the year.

Month & YearTFuel Price Prediction
January 2021$0.0235 USD
February 2021$0.0212 USD
March 2021$0.0204 USD
April 2021$0.0196 USD
May 2021$0.0189 USD
June 2021$0.0196 USD
July 2021$0.0209 USD
August 2021$0.0212 USD
September 2021$0.0236 USD
October 2021$0.0251 USD
November 2021$0.0278 USD
December 2021$0.0301 USD

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2025

Just before few days Theta Network has also announced that android app is built for smart TV’s. So now users can watch Theta powered Android TV channel and in return the viewers will get TFUEL token. From onwards app will be available on Sony, Sharp, Philips, and many smart TV’s apart from that it will be also included in a few set boxes like Amazon Fires TV stick, NVIDIA Shield TV and Roku. There are more than 25 million smart TV users only in the U.S. so we can guess the number of users all over the world. Looking at the recent growth in the video streaming network there is huge scope for Theta network to grow.  As per our TFuel Price Prediction, in the upcoming five years Theta Fuel token may cross $0.045.

Theta Fuel Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, TFuel Realistic Future Forecast
Source – CoinMarketCap

Is it worthy to invest in Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

As we all know the market price and growth of this coin is dependent on its parent token Theta so if theta makes development then we will see TFUEL is also growing. And if we consider the behaviors Theta from its launch then we can say that this is the most stable token available in the market. Starting from the launch of this token this they have shown some decent amount of growth continues and have grabbed the attention of investors.

YearPrice Prediction
2020$0.021 USD
2021$0.030 USD
2022$0.036 USD
2023$0.039 USD
2024$0.041 USD
2025$0.045 USD

Also if we consider Theta token which is very unique platform available and which is having huge chances of future development. And if this happens in the upcoming few years then it will surely help the TFUEL. But as this token is much more dependable on its parent token which becomes much risky for investment. In case Theta fails to implement further development then it will directly affect its newly launched token.  

As per the experts investment made in this token is worthy and will surely give you profit in upcoming years.

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) Future Forecast

The future growth of Theta Fuel is excessively depended on future development and the market value of Theta token. Now it’s almost one and half month completed to the launch of this token, the first few weeks of this token were tough in the crypto market. its price was continuously showing downwards trends from its launch, but now they are getting better. Now this coin has started showing upwards trends which will be good sign for the investors.

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We will suggest you keep watch on the performance and market price of Theta for the upcoming few months so that you will come to know the behavior if this coin. As Theta Fuel prices are completely based on the performance of Theta token so if Theta token performs well in upcoming time then surely TFUEL will do well in the crypto market. Also, we will suggest that this will be a good option for investment and holding this token after purchase for a few years will be beneficial.

Where and How to Buy Theta Fuel?

If you want to buy Theta toke then it is listed on the largest exchange platforms like Binance. Apart from this it is listed on some other exchange platforms like OKEX, Huobi exchange, and many more but on these platforms you will get very less volume of Theta.

Exchange PlatformDeposit TypeAccepted Fiat currenciesSupported Cryptocurrencies
BinanceDebit Card Credit Card Cryptocurrency SimplexUSD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CZK, NZD, and 45 othersBTX, ETH, XRP, USDT TRX, and 180 more

Where to Store Theta Fuel?

There are many options available to store the Theta & Tfuel Token but we will suggest using their native wallet. But if you are not comfortable with this wallet then you can use Ledger wallet, Trust wallet, or Atomic wallet at your convenience.

  • Theta Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Ledger Wallet

Atomic Wallet

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