THETA Price Prediction 2019, 2020, THETA Realistic Future Forecast

Theta was launched at the start of 2018 and since then most of the experts and investors are showing interest in it. And all this is just because of investment attractiveness which offered by Theta. But in order to make any kind of investment, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge about that cryptocurrency. Here we are going to discuss all the details of Theta so that even if you don’t have any knowledge about this cryptocurrency you will come to know many new things about this coin after going through this article.

All about THETA

Theta is not only a blockchain platform but it is also a cryptocurrency. According to the owners of this cryptocurrency, this platform can use for working of a decentralized network for viewing and delivering videos and streams. Theta encourages its users to use the Theta Token to share their computing power and unused memory.

The developing member of Theta is expecting that in the upcoming future this platform should be used by creators of decentralized television apps, music, films, training programs, and corporate conferencing. The founding member of Theta has been a very much experienced in this field of video streaming such as Steve Chen who is the Co-Founder of YouTube, and Justin Kan who is the Co-Founder of Twitch.

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Before going far details let’s consider a few factors that will affect the price and future of this cryptocurrency or factors which were responsible for their success till date.

THETA Price Prediction

If we look at the performance of Theta in the last couple of months it is much more stable compared to other cryptocurrencies. Also, this coin has shown some promising growth in the last few months and this is good news for the investors. There are a few factors that can affect the price of Theta that is mentioned below.

  • In recent time Theta has managed to earn a good reputation in the crypto market.
  • As this cryptocurrency is much more popular so this is available at many places for trading.
  • Also, all the information about this coin is available along with their future plans which will make easy for new investors to know more about this coin.
  • The biggest advantage of this platform is it’s very much unique in the crypto market which is available for video streaming and content delivery industry.
  • Also, this platform may be used for distance education in the upcoming years

THETA Price Prediction 2019

Month & Year THETA Price Prediction
June 2019 $0.1824
July 2019 $0.1583
August 2019 $0.1695
September 2019 $0.1972
October 2019 $0.2197
November 2019 $0.2013
December 2019 $0.2241

THETA Price Prediction 2020

Month & Year THETA Price Prediction
January 2020 $0.2172
February 2020 $0.2418
March 2020 $0.2202
April 2020 $0.2714
May 2020 $0.2582
June 2020 $0.2315
July 2020 $0.2092
August 2020 $0.2464
September 2020 $0.2218
October 2020 $0.2091
November 2020 $0.1951
December 2020 $0.2230

THETA Price Prediction 2021

Month & Year THETA Price Prediction
January 2021 $0.2691
February 2021 $0.2937
March 2021 $0.3018
April 2021 $0.3480
May 2021 $0.3192
June 2021 $0.2749
July 2021 $0.3302
August 2021 $0.3710
September 2021 $0.3192
October 2021 $0.2764
November 2021 $0.2519
December 2021 $0.2240

THETA Future Forecast

Looking at the current scenario two third of internet traffic comes from videos that are uploaded to various platforms. Also, we know that in recent time YouTube viewers have grown much faster. After looking at these things without any doubt we can say that in the upcoming few years the video viewership could increase up to 80%, so this is a huge opportunity.

As this project has targeted a very productive subject on the internet, no one has any doubt about their success. So if Theta gains big success in upcoming time then that would not be surprising for anyone. As per the experts, this is a better option for long term investment or investment of up to 5 years.

Here we have provided the future prediction of Theta which is completely based on a market study carried out by our experts. Before making any prediction there are various factors that must be considered like market value, market supply, and competitor’s performance.

THETA Future Forecast

Year THETA Price Prediction
2019 $0.2291
2020 $0.2618
2021 $0.2904
2022 $0.3219
2023 $0.3481
2024 $0.2902
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